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Brief History of Terrazzo and why use it today?

What are the benefits of using terrazzo?

Terrazzo has been used as flooring for thousands of years. Environmentally friendly boot as being a natural stone material there are no VOC’s to be omitted into the home. Originally developed thousands of years ago, the Venician marble craftsman, use to use all the chips left over to make terraces for their home. Terrazzo meaning terrace. Archeologists have found evidence of terrazzo floors in ruins in Turkey that may be as many as 8,000 to 10,000 years old. And also in Pompeii, Terrazzo was still

Terrazzo Floor

  • This flooring is durable comparable to granite, less pours than marble, but can be polished and shined as these stones.
  • Design elements are endless in possibilities. Terrazzo is used in airports, universities, art centers to name a few. With a designer of Terrazzo you can design anything you can imagine.
  • Different colors and patterns can be designed, and when done the maintenance is minimal. Terrazzo does not chip like other types of tile, such as marble or granite.
  • The surface can be refinished and polished when the surface dulls after the floor has dull from the use this fine, artistic floor will get. Bring it back to it’s original beauty.
  • This fine floor is slip resistant and fire proof. It makes it a good choice for schools and hospitals, as well as for any high traffic area within the home,as it is easy to clean, will resist stains and bacteria
  • Proper sealing protects terrazzo from stains and water, making it a popular choice for bathrooms,kitchens, and if you are lucky to have it in your home already, take advantage of this durable and beautiful floor.

Installing Terrazzo can cost up to $30.00 per square foot, so if you have uncovered what looks like an ugly floor and it is Terrazzo, call Colonial Floor and Stone Care. We will come to you and give a free estimate with a qualified Technician and restore it for a fraction of the cost. Let us bring your Terrazzo to the original shine and beauty.


We Bring Soul to Your Home

We are Colonial Floor Care!

We are much more than contractors- we bring soul to a home. We work wonders with terrazzo, natural stone and concrete. Using texture, color and shine, our finished floors tell your story. Modern or traditional, whimsical or romantic, they individualize any room.

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